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MATLAB: An Introduction with Applications 4th Edition

December 2010, ©2011
MATLAB: An Introduction with Applications 4th Edition (EHEP001807) cover image


MATLAB®: An Introduction with Applications is used by more college students than any other MATLAB® text or reference. This concise book is known for its just-in-time learning approach, giving students the information when they need it. The new edition presents the latest MATLAB® functionality gradually and in detail. Equally effective as a freshmen-level text, self-study tool, or course reference, the book is generously illustrated through computer screen shots and step-by-step tutorials, with abundant and motivating applications to problems in mathematics, science, and engineering.
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Table of Contents



Chapter 1 Starting With MATLAB.

1.1 Starting MATLAB, MATLAB Windows.

1.2 Working In The Command Window.

1.3 Arithmetic Operations With Scalars.

1.4 Display Formats.

1.5 Elementary Math Built-In Functions.

1.6 Defining Scalar Variables.

1.7 Useful Commands For Managing Variables.

1.8 Script Files.

1.9 Examples of MATLAB Applications.

1.10 Problems.

Chapter 2 Creating Arrays.

2.1 Creating A One-Dimensional Array (Vector).

2.2 Creating A Two-Dimensional Array (Matrix).

2.3 Notes About Variables In MATLAB.

2.4 The Transpose Operator.

2.5 Array Addressing.

2.6 Using A Colon : In Addressing Arrays.

2.7 Adding Elements To Existing Variables.

2.8 Deleting Elements.

2.9 Built-In Functions For Handling Arrays.

2.10 Strings And Strings As Variables.

2.11 Problems.

Chapter 3 Mathematical Operations With Arrays.

3.1 Addition And Subtraction.

3.2 Array Multiplication.


3.4 Element-By-Element Operations.

3.5 Using Arrays In MATLAB Built-In Math Functions.

3.6 Built-In Functions For Analyzing Arrays.

3.7 Generation Of Random Numbers.

3.8 Examples Of Matlab Applications.

3.9 Problems.

Chapter 4 Using Script Files And Managing Data.

4.1 The MATLAB Workspace And The Workspace Window.

4.2 Input To A Script File.

4.3 Output Commands.

4.4 THE save AND load COMMANDS.

4.5 Importing And Exporting Data.

4.6 Examples Of MATLAB Applications.

4.7 Problems.

Chapter 5 Two-Dimensional Plots.

5.1 THE plot COMMAND.

5.2 THE fplot COMMAND.

5.3 Plotting Multiple Graphs In The Same Plot.

5.4 Formatting A Plot.

5.5 Plots With Logarithmic Axes.

5.6 Plots With Error Bars.

5.7 Plots With Special Graphics.

5.8 Histograms.


5.10 Putting Multiple Plots On The Same Page.

5.11 Multiple Figure Windows.

5.12 Examples Of MATLAB Applications.


Chapter 6 Programming In MATLAB.

6.1 Relational And Logical Operators.

6.2 Conditional Statements.

6.3 The Switch-Case Statement.

6.4 Loops.

6.5 Nested Loops And Nested Conditional Statements.

6.6 The Break And Continue Commands.

6.7 Examples Of Matlab Applications.

6.8 Problems.

Chapter 7 User-Defined Functions And Function Files.

7.1 Creating A Function File.

7.2 Structure Of A Function File.

7.3 Local And Global Variables.

7.4 Saving A Function File.

7.5 Using A User-Defined Function.

7.6 Examples Of Simple User-Defined Functions.

7.7 Comparison Between Script Files And Function Files.

7.8 Anonymous And Inline Functions.

7.9 Function Functions.

7.10 Subfunctions.

7.11 Nested Functions.

7.12 Examples Of MATLAB Applications.

7.13 Problems.

Chapter 8 Polynomials, Curve Fitting, And Interpolation.

8.1 Polynomials.

8.2 Curve Fitting.

8.3 Interpolation.

8.4 The Basic Fitting Interface.

8.5 Examples Of MATLAB Applications.

8.6 Problems.

Chapter 9 Applications In Numerical Analysis.

9.1 Solving An Equation With One Variable.

9.2 Finding A Minimum Or A Maximum Of A Function.

9.3 Numerical Integration.

9.4 Ordinary Differential Equations.

9.5 Examples Of MATLAB Applications.

9.6 Problems.

Chapter 10 Three-Dimensional Plots.

10.1 Line Plots.

10.2 Mesh And Surface Plots.

10.3 Plots With Special Graphics.

10.4 The View Command.

10.5 Examples Of MATLAB Applications.

10.6 Problems.

Chapter 11 Symbolic Math.

11.1 Symbolic Objects And Symbolic Expressions.

11.2 Changing The Form Of An Existing Symbolic Expression.

11.3 Solving Algebraic Equations.

11.4 Differentiation.

11.5 Integration.

11.6 Solving An Ordinary Differential Equation.

11.7 Plotting Symbolic Expressions.

11.8 Numerical Calculations With Symbolic Expressions.

11.9 Examples of MATLAB Applications.


Appendix: Summary of Characters, Commands, and Functions.

Answers To Selected Problems.


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New To This Edition

  • More than 200 completely new problems have been added to the 4th Edition.
  • A majority of the problems are new or revised.
  • Homework problems have been updated to cover a wider range of applications.
  • Examples have been updated to ensure coverage is consistent with the latest version of MATLAB®.
  • The programming chapter (formerly Chapter 7) has been moved to 6 to help engage students with key programming concepts earlier.
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The Wiley Advantage

  • Focused on applying MATLAB® as a tool to solve engineering problems.
  • Annotated programs simplify topic explanations.
  • Helps students learn programming and how to put MATLAB® commands to use right away.
  • Well-organized text completely explains a topic, then shows how to apply it to solve problems.
  • Students encounter complete explanations of new subjects to support learning.
  • Subject matter includes arrays, mathematical operations with arrays, script files, 2-D and 3-D plotting, programming (flow control),user defined functions, anonymous functions, function functions, function handles, subfunctions and nested functions, polynomials, curve fitting, interpolation, and applications in numerical analysis.
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Professor Reviews


“If you do not know anything about MATLAB, this is the book you should have at the first step…It reinforces the concepts with quality exercise questions.”

“By the end of the semester the students were well on their way to being competent programmers, and I think they will find calculus and physics much easier because of their experience with this book.”

 “After studying from Gilat's text for the past month or so I feel very comfortable using Matlab.”

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