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The Dynamic Earth: An Introduction to Physical Geology, 5th Edition

The Dynamic Earth: An Introduction to Physical Geology, 5th Edition (EHEP001892) cover image


With authoritative and detailed coverage, Skinner and Porter address all key areas of physical geology, as well as recent events that have shaped our world. The new edition is updated to address the latest in geoscientific research, theory, and knowledge.

Emphasis on the unifying themes of physical geology

Expands the earth systems science viewpoint of previous editions

Introduces readers to remote sensing, global positioning systems, and other tools

Exciting, first-hand accounts from the field relate geology to everyday life experiences

Includes a GeoDiscoveries CD with an interactive globe, animations, videos, and more
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Table of Contents

1 Meet Planet Earth 2

2 Global Tectonics: Our Dynamic Planet 30

3 Atoms, Elements, Minerals, Rocks: Earth’s Building Materials 66

4 Igneous Rocks: Products of Earth’s Internal Fire 98

5 Magmas and Volcanoes 120

6 Weathering and Soils 147

7 Sediments and Sedimentary Rocks: Archives of Earth History 172

8 Metamorphism and Metamorphic Rocks: New Rocks from Old 202

9 How Rock Bends, Buckles, and Breaks 224

10 Earthquakes and Earth’s Interior 246

11 Geologic Time and the Rock Record 276

12 The Changing Face of the Land 302

13 Mass Wasting 324

14 Streams and Drainage Systems 352

15 Groundwater 382

16 Glaciers and Glaciation 410

17 Atmosphere, Winds and Deserts 446

18 The Oceans and Their Margins 474

19 Climate and Our Changing Planet 508

20 Earth Through Geologic Time 530

21 Resources of Minerals and Energy 560

Appendix A

Units and Their Conversions A1

Appendix B

Tables of the Chemical Elements and

Naturally Occurring Isotopes A4

Appendix C:

Table of the Properties of Common

Minerals A7

Glossary G1

Selected References, R1

Credits C1

Index I1

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New To This Edition

  • Introduces plate tectonics and the Earth system in the first two chapters. Each chapter also features a section titled Revisiting Plate Tectonics and the Earth System.
  • This edition features new co-author and geophysicist Jeffrey Park of Yale University.
  • Uses GPS measurements to introduce plate tectonics in Chapter 2. Historic evidence, based on paleomagnetism, is discussed in Chapter 20: Earth Through Geologic Time.
  • Features revised chapter order based on feedback from users (see Table of Contents).
  • Integrates throughout the book discussions of human effects on the environment. The human race is presented as a force affecting changes to Earth.
  • Includes revisions, updates, and corrections in all chapters. About 25% of the illustrations in this edition are new, and many of the new illustrations reflect current and ongoing research.
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The Wiley Advantage

  • Early focus on plate tectonics: The topic is discussed thoroughly in the first two chapters of the text. The authors introduce plate tectonics as a natural consequence of Earth's ongoing loss of internal heat, with GPS measurements, isostasy and global patterns of earthquakes and volcanoes as the observational evidence.
  • Emphasis on the Earth system: The concept of Earth as a unified, interconnected system is introduced in Chapter 1, and stressed throughout the text. This approach helps students tie together geologic facts that might otherwise seem disconnected.
  • Plate tectonics and the Earth system are "revisited" in each chapter: A concluding section in each chapter connects the specialized topics of a chapter to the central themes of the book.
  • Personal essays from the authors: Each chapter begins with an essay from one of the authors about his research in the subfield of geology covered in the chapter.
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Available Materials
by Brian J. Skinner, Stephen C. Porter, Jeffrey Park
August 2003, ©2004, Software

(Included with the text)

This interactive multimedia CD reinforces and illustrates key concepts from the text, and helps students prepare for tests and improve their grades. The CD also features a Virtual Petroscope, containing a library of images, tools, and resources designed to simulate the real-world process of identifying rock specimens.

by Brian J. Skinner, Stephen C. Porter, Jeffrey Park, Denyse Lemaire
November 2003, ©2004, Paperback
Features access to Columbia University?s Earthscape Web site.
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The Dynamic Earth: An Introduction to Physical Geology, 5th Edition
ISBN : 978-0-471-15228-6
648 pages
April 2003, ©2004
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