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Introduction to Computing Using Python: An Application Development Focus

December 2011, ©2012
Introduction to Computing Using Python: An Application Development Focus (EHEP002019) cover image


Perkovic's Introduction to Programming Using Python is more than just an introduction to programming. It is an inclusive introduction to Computer Science that takes the pedagogical approach of "the right tool for the job at the right moment," and focuses on application development.  The approach is hands-on and problem-oriented, with practice problems and solutions appearing throughout the text. The text is imperative-first, but does not shy away from discussing objects early where appropriate. Discussions of user-defined classes and Object-Oriented Programming appear later in the text, when students have more background and concepts can be motivated.  Chapters include an introduction to problem solving techniques and classical algorithms, problem-solving and programming and ways to apply core skills to application development.

Meet the author here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TlDzgJdKWUA

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Introduction to Computer Science
Chapter 2. Python Data Types
Chapter 3. Imperative Programming
Chapter 4. Text data, Files, and Exceptions
Chapter 5. Execution Control Structures
Chapter 6. Containers and Randomness
Chapter 7. Namespaces
Chapter 8. Object-Oriented Programming
Chapter 9. Graphical User Interfaces
Chapter 10. Recursion
Chapter 11. The Web and Search
Chapter 12. Databases and Data Processing

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The Wiley Advantage

• Introduces computing concepts and Python programming in a breadth-first manner, starting from a small general-purpose vocabulary and then gradually extending it.
• This approach allows students to write small functions and for exercises early in the course, and also allows homework assignments to be set up as applications (i.e. complete functions) early on.
• As the built-in data types, conditionals, loops, and functional and modular abstractions are studied in more depth in later chapters the focus of the textbook narrative remains on problem solving and on patterns used to break problems up and design programs.
• Inline practice problems appear throughout the book to help reinforce concepts. The solutions to these problems appear at the end of the corresponding chapter, allowing students to check their work or take a peek in case they are stuck.
• Language features are introduced as constructs that help solve a problem or achieve a desirable program design.
• In the process of developing applications, program complexity rises to a point when object oriented techniques are easier to motivate, and therefore learn.
• In the last three chapters, the context of web crawling and search engines are used to introduce a broad array of topics: recursion, regular expressions, depth-first search, Google's MapReduce framework, HTML parsers, SQL, and multicore programming.
• Most chapters include a case study that showcases the concepts and tools covered in the chapter in context.
• Uses Caution boxes to warn students of potential pitfalls, and Detour boxes to briefly explore tangential topics.
• Contains a large number of boxes, practice problems, figures, and tables which create visual breaks in the text, making the volume more approachable for today's students.

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