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Clinical Cases in Periodontics

Nadeem Karimbux (Editor)
December 2011, ©2012, Wiley-Blackwell
Clinical Cases in Periodontics (EHEP002281) cover image
Wiley-Blackwell's "Clinical Cases" series is designed to recognize the centrality of clinical cases to the profession by providing actual cases with an academic backbone. Clinical Cases in Periodontics describes the core principles of periodontics and demonstrates their practical, every-day application through a range of representative cases building from the simple to the complex and from the common to the rare. This unique approach supports the new trend in case-based and problem-based learning, thoroughly covering topics ranging from infant oral health to complex pulp therapy. Highly illustrated in full color, Clinical Cases in Periodontics utilizes a format that fosters independent learning and prepares the reader for case-based examinations.

The book presents actual clinical cases, accompanied by academic commentary, that question and educate the reader about essential topics in periodontics. The book begins with a set of cases illustrating the most common diagnoses and the key decisions and evaluations leading up to them. Subsequent chapters continue in this style, presenting exemplary cases as the basis of discussing various treatment options including surgical and non-surgical treatment, regenerative therapy, mucogingival therapy, and interdisciplinary treatments. Concluding chapters cover implant site development and general prevention of such periodontal diseases.

Clinical Cases in Periodontics's case-based format is particularly useful for pre-doctoral dental students, post-graduate residents and practitioners, both as a textbook from which to learn about the challenging and absorbing nature of periodontology, and also as a reference tool to help with treatment planning when complex cases present in the dental office.

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Contributors xi

Chapter 1 Examination and Diagnosis 3

Case 1 Examination and Documentation 4
Walter S. Krawczyk, DDS, and Anisha K. Thondukolam, DDS

Case 2 Plaque-Induced Gingivitis 14
Nadeem Karimbux, DMD, MMSc, and Satheesh Elangovan, BDS, DSc, DMSc

Case 3 Non–Plaque-Induced Gingivitis 19
N. Joseph Laborde III, DDS, and Mark A. Lerman, DMD

Case 4 Gingival Enlargement 25
T. Howard Howell, DDS, and Maria Dona, DDS, MSD

Case 5 Aggressive Periodontitis 32
Nadeem Karimbux, DMD, MMSc, Satheesh Elangovan, BDS, DSc, DMSc, and Martin Ming-Jen Fu, BDS, MS

Case 6 Chronic Periodontitis 40
Ricardo Teles, DDS, DMSc

Case 7 Local Anatomic Factors Contributing to Periodontal Disease 48
Daniel Kuan-te Ho, DMD, MSc, and David M. Kim, DDS, DMSc

Chapter 2 Nonsurgical Periodontal Therapy 57

Case 1 Hand and Automated Instrumentation 58
Helen Livson, DMD, MMSc

Case 2 Local Drug Delivery 64
Emilio I. Arguello, DDS, MSc

Case 3 Systemic Antibiotics 73
Ricardo Teles, DDS, DMSc

Chapter 3 Resective Periodontal Therapy 85

Case 1 Gingivectomy 86
T. Howard Howell, DDS, and Maria Dona, DDS, MSD

Case 2 Preprosthetic Hard Tissue and Soft Tissue Crown Lengthening 94
Guillaume Campard, DDS, MMSc, and Emilio I. Arguello, DDS, MSc

Case 3 Flap Osseous Surgery 104
Kevin Guze, DMD, DMSc

Case 4 Root Resection 112
Philip M. Walton, DDS, and Paul A. Levi, Jr., DMD

Chapter 4 Regenerative Therapy 123

Case 1 Treatment of Furcations 124
Soo-Woo Kim, DMD, MS, and Myron Nevins, DDS

Case 2 Treatment of Intrabony Defects Using Allografts 132
Kevin Guze, DMD, DMSc

Case 3 Treatment of Intrabony Defects Using Growth Factors 142
Marc L. Nevins, DMD, MMSc, and Vinicius Souza Rodrigues, DDS

Case 4 Treatment of Intrabony Defects Using Alloplastic Materials 149
N. Joseph Laborde III, DDS, and Giuseppe Intini, DDS, MS, PhD

Case 5 Guided Bone Regeneration 155
Kevin Guze, DMD, DMSc

Chapter 5 Mucogingival Therapy 165

Case 1 Pedicle Flaps 166
N. Joseph Laborde III, DDS, and Kasumi Kuse Barouch, DDS, PhD

Case 2 Connective Tissue Grafts 172
Ronny S. Taschner, DDS, and Jennifer F. Taschner, DDS, MMSc

Case 3 Free Gingival Grafts 179
Ronald M. Fried, DMD, MMSc, and Maria Dona, DDS, MSD

Case 4 Treatment of Mucogingival Deformities Using Alloplastic Materials 190
Helen Livson, DMD, MMSc, and Sarah D. Shih, DDS, MS, DMSc

Case 5 Frenectomy and Vestibuloplasty 197
Daniel Kuan-te Ho, DMD, MSc, Satheesh Elangovan, BDS, DSc, DMSc, and Sarah D. Shih, DDS, MS, DMSc

Chapter 6 Interdisciplinary Treatment 205

Case 1 Periodontics–Endodontics 206
Paul A. Levi, Jr., DMD, and Campo E. Perez, Jr., DDS

Case 2 Periodontics–Prosthodontics 217
Ryan D. Blissett, DMD, MMedSc, Kevin Guze, DMD, DMSc, and Robert F. Wright, DDS, FACP

Case 3 Periodontics–Orthodontics 225
Veerasathpurush Allareddy, BDS, MBA, MMSc, MHA, PhD, and Athbi Alqareer, BDM

Case 4 Occlusion–Periodontology 232
Mohamed H. Hassan, BDS, DMD, MS, FICD

Case 5 Periodontics–Pediatric Dentistry 238
Alice Y. Kim-Bundy, DMD, Howard Needleman, DMD, and Nadeem Karimbux, DMD, MMSc

Chapter 7 Implant Site Preparation 245

Case 1 Sinus Grafting: Lateral 246
Guillaume Campard, DDS, MMSc, and Emilio I. Arguello, DDS, MSc

Case 2 Sinus Grafting: Crestal 255
Samuel Soonho Lee, DDS, and Nadeem Karimbux, DMD, MMSc

Case 3 Socket Grafting 263
Satheesh Elangovan, BDS, DSc, DMSc

Case 4 Ridge Split and Osteotome Ridge Expansion Techniques 271
Emilio I. Arguello, DDS, MSc, and Daniel Kuan-te Ho, DMD, MSc

Chapter 8 Dental Implants 285

Case 1 Conventional Implant Placement 286
Samuel Koo, DDS, MS

Case 2 Immediate Implant Placement 294
Mohamed A. Maksoud, DMD

Case 3 Sinus Lift and Immediate Implant Placement 299
Samuel Soonho Lee, DDS, and Nadeem Karimbux, DMD, MMSc

Chapter 9 Preventive Periodontal Therapy 307

Case 1 Plaque Removal 308
Paul A. Levi, Jr., DMD, and Luca Gobbato, DDS, MS

Index 317

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Dr. Nadeem Karimbux is currently Associate Professor and Assistant Dean of Education in the Office of Dental Education at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine (HSDM). He is the Program Director for the Advanced Graduate Program in periodontology at the HSDM. In addition to his academic responsibilities, he is also a Board Certified practicing periodontist in the Harvard Dental Center. At the national level, Dr. Karimbux is a member of the Council of Faculties of the American Dental Education Association (ADEA); curriculum consultant and site visitor for the Commission on Dental Accreditation to the American Dental Association (ADA); and Test Consultant for the Dental Admissions Test for the American Dental Association. He is an Associate Editor for the Journal of Periodontology and MedEdPORTAL.
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  • Unique case-based format supports problem-based learning
  • Promotes independent learning through self-assessment and critical thinking
  • Highly illustrated with full-color clinical cases
  • Covers all essential topics within periodontology
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“Each case is clearly presented with an initial case story including various examinations and histories, clearly defined learning goals and objectives, self-study questions, and a section called Take-home points – extensive answers to potential questions about the topic.”  (BDA News, 1 June 2012)

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