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Radiation Detection and Measurement, 4th Edition, Student Solutions Manual

March 2012, ©2011
Radiation Detection and Measurement, 4th Edition, Student Solutions Manual (EHEP002339) cover image

Contains solutions to odd-numbered problems from the textbook by Glenn Knoll, Radiation Detection and Measurement, 4th edition, as well as solutions for additional Supplemental Problems, developed by David Wehe.

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? Covers many new materials that are emerging as scintillators that can achieve energy resolution that is better by a factor of two compared with traditional materials (Chapters 8 and 10)

? New coverage on the increasing use of digital techniques in the processing of pulses from detectors (Chapters 16, 17, and 18).

? New coverage on ROC curves (Chapter 3)

? Discussion on micropattern gas detectors (Chapter 6).

? New sensors for scintillation light, thick film semiconductors (Chapter 9)

? Revised discussions are also included on

o TLDs and cryogenic spectrometers (Chapter 19),

o radiation backgrounds (Chapter 20), and

o the VME standard added to Appendix A.

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? Comprehensive coverage of the techniques and instruments that are important in the detection and spectroscopy of ionizing radiation

? Written by the authority in radiation detection in the world, Dr. Glenn F. Knoll

? This text is used in the following fields/ways:

o Classroom textbook, or for professional users who want to remain current in the field.

o For Nuclear Engineering/Nuclear Engineering Departments. Course: Radiation Measurements (often a lab course) taught at either the undergrad or graduate level.

o Physics Departments

o Medical Physics Departments

o Bioengineering Departments (courses covering use of radiation in medicine)

o Medical professionals (may be a reference in select courses in a Medical program)

? Nuclear medicine units

? Radiology departments

? Radiation therapy

? Radiochemistry

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March 2012, ©2011
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