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Spaniards in the Colonial Empire: Creoles vs. Peninsulars?

December 2012, ©2012, Wiley-Blackwell
Spaniards in the Colonial Empire: Creoles vs. Peninsulars? (EHEP002782) cover image


Spaniards in the Colonial Empire traces the privileges, prejudices, and conflicts between American-born and European-born Spaniards, within the Spanish colonies in the Americas from the sixteenth to early nineteenth centuries. 

• Covers three centuries of Spanish colonial power, beginning in the sixteenth century
• Explores social tension between creole and peninsular factions, connecting this friction with later colonial bids for independence
• Draws on recent research by Spanish and Spanish-American historians as well as Anglophone scholars
• Includes some coverage of Brazil and British colonies

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Table of Contents

List of Illustrations viii

Series Editor’s Preface ix

Preface xi

Maps xvi

1 Spain and Its Early Empire in America 1

2 Native Sons and Daughters in the Church 28

3 Native Sons in Office 59

4 The Heyday of Native Sons and Daughters, circa 1630–1750 84

5 Reforms, Commentaries, and Officials, 1750–1808 110

6 The Church, Complaints, and Social Change, 1750–1808 129

7 From Abdications to Independence 149

Glossary 172

Notes 178

Suggestions for Further Reading 184

Index 193

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Author Information

Mark A. Burkholder is Professor of History at the University of Missouri-St. Louis.  His books include Biographical Dictionary of Audiencia Ministers in the Americas, 1687–1821 (with D. S. Chandler, 1982), Biographical Dictionary of Councilors of the Indies, 1717–1808 (1986), and Colonial Latin America, Eighth Edition (with Lyman L. Johnson, March 2012).
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“This process, too, is explained with admirable clarity in this authoritative, sophisticated overview of a key issue in Latin American history.”  (Journal of Latin American Studies, 1 October 2013)

“Summing Up:  Recommended.  Upper-division undergraduates and above.” (Choice, 1 September 2013)

“This innovative and beautifully written Atlantic history traces the conflicts, friendships, and marriages of immigrants and locals in rich detail. Succinct and thorough, the book is for students and specialists alike.” - Christoph Rosenmüller, Middle Tennessee State University

“This splendid work of synthesis, written by a major scholar, examines the ongoing struggles in the Indies among groups of Spaniards (both creoles and peninsulars) to claim political or clerical offices for services rendered to the crown.  It is thoughtful, well written work that will prove an invaluable classroom text.” - Kenneth J. Andrien, Southern Methodist University

“A well written and welcome discussion of the changing policies of the Spanish Crown, policies that caused widespread animosity between the native-born and those who migrated from Spain, and ultimately led to Independence movements throughout the colonies.” - Susan M. Socolow, Emory University

“Mark Burkholder provides a unique and revisionist lens: a gendered history that focuses on those processes of conflict and accommodation that shaped relations between Spaniards (peninsulars) and creoles in the Americas over the sweep of three centuries.” - Ann Twinam, University of Texas at Austin

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