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Strategic Market Management, 10th edition

October 2013, ©2014
Strategic Market Management, 10th edition (EHEP002875) cover image


Completely revised and updated, David Aaker's best-selling book, Strategic Market Management, helps managers identify, implement, prioritize, and adapt market-driven business strategies in dynamic markets. The text provides decision makers with concepts, methods, and procedures by which they can improve the quality of their strategic decision-making.

The 10th Edition provides students in strategic marketing, policy, planning, and entrepreneurship courses with the critical knowledge and skills for successful market management, including strategic analysis, innovation, working across business units, and developing sustainable advantages.
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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Strategic Market Management—An Introduction and Overview 1

What Is a Business Strategy? 3

A Business Strategy 4

Strategic Market Management 9

Marketing and Its Role in Strategy 13


Chapter 2 External and Customer Analysis 19

External Analysis 19

The Scope of Customer Analysis 23

Segmentation 24

Customer Motivations 28

Unmet Needs 31

Chapter 3 Competitor Analysis 37

Identifying Competitors—Customer-Based Approaches 38

Identifying Competitors—Strategic Groups 40

Potential Competitors 42

Competitor Analysis—Understanding Competitors 42

Competitor Strengths and Weaknesses 47

The Competitive Strength Grid 50

Obtaining Information on Competitors 53

Chapter 4 Market/Submarket Analysis 55

Dimensions of a Market/submarket Analysis 55

Emerging Submarkets 57

Actual and Potential Market or Submarket Size 58

Market and Submarket Growth 59

Market and Submarket Profitability Analysis 61

Cost Structure 64

Distribution Systems 65

Market Trends 65

Key Success Factors 66

Risks in High-Growth Markets 67

Chapter 5 Environmental Analysis and Strategic Uncertainty 72

Technology Trends 74

Consumer Trends 77

Government/Economic Trends 81

Dealing With Strategic Uncertainty 85

Impact Analysis—Assessing the Impact of Strategic Uncertainties 85

Scenario Analysis 87

Chapter 6 Internal Analysis 91

Financial Performance and Profitability 92

Performance Measurement Beyond Profitability 94

Strengths and Weaknesses 99

Threats and Opportunities 99

From Analysis to Strategy 101

Case Challenges for Part I 103

Trends in Retailing 103

The Energy Bar Industry 105

Transformational Innovations 108

Environmental Trends That Matter 110


Chapter 7 Creating Advantage: Synergy and Commitment vs. Opportunism vs. Adaptability 113

The Sustainable Competitive Advantage 114

The Role of Synergy 118

Strategic Commitment, Opportunism, and Adaptability 121

Chapter 8 Alternative Value Propositions 130

Business Strategy Challenges 131

Alternative Value Propositions 132

Superior Quality 138

Value 143

Chapter 9 Building and Managing Brand Equity 150

Brand Awareness 151

Brand Loyalty 152

Brand Associations 153

Brand Identity 159

Chapter 10 Toward a Strong Brand Relationship 166

Understanding and Prioritizing Brand Touchpoints 166

Focusing on the Customer’s Sweet Spot 170

How to Create or Find a Customer Sweet Spot 172

Get Beyond Functional Benefits 173

Broadening the Concept of a Brand 175

Chapter 11 Energizing the Business 181

Innovating the Offering 182

Energizing the Brand and Marketing 186

Increasing the Usage of Existing Customers 194

Chapter 12 Leveraging the Business 199

Which Assets and Competencies Can Be Leveraged? 200

Brand Extensions 201

Expanding the Scope of the Offering 205

New Markets 206

Evaluating Business Leveraging Options 207

The Mirage of Synergy 209

Chapter 13 Creating New Businesses 213

Create “must Haves,” Rendering Competitors Irrelevant 214

The Innovator’s Advantage 217

Managing Category Perceptions 219

Creating New Business Arenas 220

From Ideas to Market 225

Chapter 14 Global Strategies 230

Motivations Underlying Global Strategies 231

Standardization vs. Customization 235

Expanding the Global Footprint 239

Strategic Alliances 241

Global Marketing Management 244

Chapter 15 Setting Priorities for Businesses and Brands—The Exit, Milk, and Consolidate Options 247

The Business Portfolio 248

Divestment or Liquidation 250

The Milk Strategy 253

Prioritizing and Trimming the Brand Portfolio 256

Chapter 16 From Silos to Synergy—Harnessing the Organization 263

Silo-Driven Problems—The Case of Marketing 264

Addressing the Silo Marketing Issues—Challenges and Solutions 266

Organizational Levers and Their Link to Strategy 267

Structure 268

Systems 270

People 272

Culture 275

A Recap of Strategic Market Management 278

Case Challenges for Part II 282

Hobart Corporation 282

Dove 284

Competing Against Wal-Mart 287


Costco 291

Contemporary Art 292

Sony vs. iPOD 294

Appendix: Planning Forms 296

Index 311

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New To This Edition

  • Ethics LX Simulation: The Med4Life Marketing Simulation puts students in the role of marketing managers to use critical thinking and decision making skills as they face challenges in product cannibalization, segmentation and international marketing.
  • New Case Studies including well-known companies and programs including P&G’s “Thank You Mom” campaign, Red Bull events, and Whole Foods Markets.
  • New and Revised Material based on recent research and writings by influential thinkers regarding big data, going green and corporate social responsibility.
  • New chapter on “Toward a Strong Brand Relationship” focusing on how managers can build a loyal base for the business.
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The Wiley Advantage

  • The 10th Edition offers the latest concepts, methods, and procedures to help students improve their strategic decision making and develop growth strategies.
  • Instruction on business strategy that includes product/market scope, value proposition, assets and competencies, and functional area strategies.
  • Inclusion of strategic analysis, which covers concepts of strategic commitment, opportunism, and adaptability, and how these elements work together.
  • Instruction on how to grow businesses by energizing business, leveraging business, creating new business, and going global. 
  • Coverage of pressing market management challenges, such as creating synergetic marketing with silo organizations defined by products or countries.
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The Med4Life Marketing Simulation puts students in the role of marketing managers to use critical thinking and decision making skills as they face challenges in product cannibalization, segmentation and international marketing.
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