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Marketing Mistakes and Successes, 12th Edition

October 2013, ©2014
Marketing Mistakes and Successes, 12th Edition (EHEP002876) cover image


This best-selling casebook, now in its 12th edition, presents a series of real-life scenarios, packed with practical tips, insider insights, and marketing advice. In an engaging, conversational style, each story provides detailed analyses of the decisions and practices that led to major marketing wars, comebacks, mistakes, and successes.

As a supplement or main text, this book can be used in a variety of courses, both undergraduate and graduate, ranging from introduction to marketing, marketing management and strategic marketing. Adopt the whole book, or choose the cases that best fit your syllabus through a simple three-step process in Wiley Custom Select. Visit customselect.wiley.com to get started.
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Table of Contents

Preface iii

About the Authors vi

Chapter 1 Introduction 1


Chapter 2 Cola Wars: Coke vs. Pepsi 11

Chapter 3 PC Wars: Hewlett-Packard vs. Dell 34

Chapter 4 Airliner Wars: Boeing vs. Airbus 50


Chapter 5 McDonald’s: Rebirth Through a Low Growth Strategy 75

Chapter 6 Harley-Davidson: Building An Enduring Mystique 94

Chapter 7 Chrysler: Merger Problems and Recovery 109


Chapter 8 Newell’s Acquisition of Rubbermaid: An Unbelievable Disappointment 129

Chapter 9 Kmart and Sears: A Hedge Fund Manager’s Disaster 142

Chapter 10 Euro Disney: Bungling a Successful Concept 156

Chapter 11 Borders: Too Comfortable with Its Comfy Bookstores 174

Chapter 12 Maytag: A Sales Promotion Debacle in England and the Allure of Outsourcing 186

Chapter 13 Borden: Letting Brands Wither 202

Chapter 14 United Way: Damage Control for a Nonprofit’s Image 215


Chapter 15 Google: Will an Entrepreneurial Giant Continue to Rule? 231

Chapter 16 Starbucks: Can a Model of Growth Reinvent Itself? 250

Chapter 17 Boston Beer: Is Greater Growth Possible? 266


Chapter 18 Merck: The Vioxx Catastrophe 283

Chapter 19 MetLife: Deceptive Sales Practices 298

Chapter 20 Toyota: Accelerating Problems 311


Chapter 21 Southwest Airlines: Is It Still the King of Cheap Flights? 331

Chapter 22 Nike: Is It an Unassailable Powerhouse Brand? 351

Chapter 23 Vanguard: Is Advertising Really Needed? 369

Chapter 24 Conclusions: What We Can Learn 381

Index 400

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New To This Edition

  • Updated and revised coverage of notable marketing mistakes and well-known successes.
  • New Classification of Cases by major marketing topics.
  • All cases have been updated with the most current research
  • Two new cases are introduced—Toyota (in Ethical Mistakes) and Borders (in Marketing Mistakes).
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The Wiley Advantage

  • Current, relevant and engaging marketing cases: with a story-telling approach, this text illustrates marketing concepts through memorable, real-life situations.
  • Information Boxes and Issue Boxes:  these features are included in each chapter to highlight relevant concepts and issues, or related information.
  • Devil’s Advocate exercises:  Provide students with opportunities to argue against a proposed course of action to test its merits.
  • Discussion Questions and Hands-On Exercises: Encourage and stimulate student involvement
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