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Psychology Around Us, 2nd Canadian Edition

Psychology Around Us, 2nd Canadian Edition (EHEP003337) cover image


Psychology Around Us is the first introductory psychology textbook to successfully present psychology as an integrated discipline. Every chapter not only offers a thorough presentation of the concepts, applications, and research of that area but also illustrates the interrelations among the subfields of psychology—brain function, development, dysfunctions, and individual differences. This approach not only serves to engage students, but also presents psychology as a united and integrated discipline. Combined with a balance of Canadian and global research, rigorous scientific content, and engaging applications, this text is an invaluable resource for your Canadian introductory psychology students. In this second Canadian edition the chapters have been streamlined to be more accessible to students and many references have been updated.
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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Psychology: Yesterday and Today

Chapter 2: Psychology as a Science

Chapter 3: Neuroscience

Chapter 4: Human Development

Chapter 5: Sensation and Perception

Chapter 6: Consciousness

Chapter 7: Learning

Chapter 8: Memory

Chapter 9: Language and Thought

Chapter 10: Intelligence

Chapter 11: Motivation and Emotion

Chapter 12: Personality

Chapter 13: Social Psychology

Chapter 14: Stress, Coping, and Health

Chapter 15: Psychological Disorders

Chapter 16: Treatment of Psychological Disorders

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New To This Edition

  • Ch. 3 (Human Development) and Ch. 4 (Neuroscience) have been switched to coincide with how most courses are taught.
  • Ch. 11 (Motivation) and Ch. 12 (Emotion) have been merged into one chapter so there will now be 16 chapters instead of 17.
  • Feature boxes have been reduced and streamlined; now there will be only two types: ‘Psychology Around Us’ and ‘Practically Speaking’.
  • Updated references throughout.
  • End-of-Chapter Self-Study Questions have been added, with answers provided, to help students do a quick check of key concepts covered
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The Wiley Advantage

  • The Integrated Approach of Comer 2ceillustrates the interrelations among the subfields of psychology: brain function, development, dysfunctions, and individual differences
  • The Psychology Around Us feature provides examples that demonstrate the real-world relevance of psychology to students’ lives. Several of these features appear throughout each chapter, showing that the psychological principles under discussion are, indeed, all around us.
  • Tying It Together: Your Brain and Behaviour are two-page art spreads that demonstrate exactly how our brain works when we engage in everyday activities such as eating pizza, studying a second language, or speaking in public. Three to four review and critical thinking questions are included with each spread.
  • Learning Objectives for each chapter section identifies the most important material for students to understand while reading that section.
  • Before You Go On follows each chapter section and helps students check their mastery of the important concepts covered. What Do You Know? questions prompt students to stop and review the key concepts just presented and encourage them to think critically on key aspects of the chapter.
  • Practically Speaking boxes emphasize the practical application of everyday psychology. They allow students to apply the psychology they are learning in an active, meaningful way.
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Psychology Around Us, 2nd Canadian Edition
ISBN : 978-1-118-87072-3
816 pages
March 2015, ©2015
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