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Human Geography: People, Place, and Culture, 11th Edition, Advanced Placement Edition Study Guide

Human Geography: People, Place, and Culture, 11th Edition, Advanced Placement Edition Study Guide (EHEP003440) cover image


Written to support Human Geography: People, Place, and Culture 11e AP Edition,  the study guide provides students with the tools and understanding they need to succeed in the AP course and on the AP exam.  Three books in one, the first section of the study guide will help students understand the AP Human Geography course and how it is organized.  Section two includes reading strategies and a chapter-by-chapter study tool, while the third section provides study tools and practice for the AP Human Geography exam. 

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Table of Contents

PART 1: Understanding AP Human Geography 1

Section 1: Why Everyone Needs to Take Human Geography.1

It’s a Smaller World after All

Section 2: This Ain’t Yo Daddy’s or Momma’s Geography 7

Section 3: How to Read Your Textbook or 18

How This Workbook Saved My Grade

PART 2: Understanding Your Textbook 29

Chapter 1: Introduction to Human Geography 29

Chapter 2: Population 38

Chapter 3: Migration 49

Chapter 4: Local Culture, Popular Culture, and Cultural Landscapes 59

Chapter 5: Identity: Race, Ethnicity, Gender, and Sexuality 67

Chapter 6: Language 75

Chapter 7: Religion 85

Chapter 8: Political Geography 95

Chapter 9: Urban Geography 104

Chapter 10: Development 113

Chapter 11: Agriculture and the Rural Landscape 122

Chapter 12: Industry and Services 132

Chapter 13: The Humanized Environment 141

Chapter 14: Globalization and the Geography of Networks 151

Part 3: Getting Ready for the AP Exam 158

Section 1: Anatomy of a Multiple-Choice Question 159

Section 2: Anatomy of a Free-Response Question 166

Section 3: Practice Exam #1 169

Section 4: Practice Exam #2 190

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