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Paediatrics at a Glance, 4th Edition

May 2016, ©2016, Wiley-Blackwell
Paediatrics at a Glance, 4th Edition (EHEP003547) cover image


Paediatrics at a Glance provides an introduction to paediatrics and the problems encountered in child health as they present in primary, community and secondary care, from birth through to adolescence.

Thoroughly updated to reflect changes in understanding of childhood illness over the last 5 years, the 4th edition of this best-selling textbook diagrammatically summarises the main differential diagnoses for each presenting symptom, while accompanying text covers important disorders and conditions as well as management information.

Paediatrics at a Glance:
• Is an accessible, user-friendly guide to the entire paediatric curriculum
• Features expanded coverage of psychological issues and ethics in child health
• Includes more on advances in genetics, screening and therapy of childhood illness
• Contains new videos of procedures and concepts on the companion website
• Includes a brand new chapter on Palliative Care - an emerging area in the specialty
• Features full colour artwork throughout
• Includes a companion website at www.ataglanceseries.com/paediatrics featuring interactive self-assessment case studies, MCQs, videos of the procedures and concepts covered in the book, and links to online resources

Paediatrics at a Glance is the ideal companion for anyone about to start a paediatric attachment or module and will appeal to medical students, junior doctors and GP trainees as well as nursing students and other health professionals.

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Table of Contents

Evaluation of the Child

1 Paediatrics and Child Health

2 The paediatric consultation

3 Systems examination

4 Development and developmental assessment

5 Growth and puberty

6 Understanding Investigations: Haematology

Moving through childhood

7 Screening and genetics

8 Genetics and Inherited disorders

9 The normal newborn baby

10 Congenital abnormalities

11 Common neonatal problems

12 The premature baby

13 Nutrition in childhood

14 Common behaviour problems

15 Child care and school

16 Child health promotion

17 Immunization and the diseases it protects against

Growth, endocrine and metabolic

18 Weight faltering and failure to thrive

19 Short stature and poor growth

20 Obesity

21 Diabetes

Cardiovascular disorders

22 Congenital heart diseases

23 Heart murmurs


24 Acute fever

25 Persistent fever and serious recurring infections

Respiratory disorders

26 Cough and wheeze

27 Stridor

28 Swellings in the neck

29 Asthma

30 Cystic fibrosis

Abodominal disorders

31 Acute abdominal pain

32 Vomiting

33 Acute diarrhoea and dehydration

34 Chronic diarrhoea

35 Recurrent abdominal pain

36 Constipation

Urogenital disorders

37 Urinary tract infections

38 Haematuria and proteinuria

39 Bedwetting and daytime wetting

40 Swellings in the groin and scrotum

Neurological disorders

41 Developmental delay

42 Headache

43 Fits, faints and funny turns

44 Epilepsy

45 Cerebral Palsy

Musculoskeletal disorders

46 Swollen joints

47 Juvenile idiopathic arthritis

48 Leg pain and limp

49 Common childhood skeletal problems

Blood disorders

50 Anaemia and pallor

51 Jaundice

52 Leukaemia and childhood cancer

Skin disorders

53 Rashes – types of skin lesions

54 Rashes – newborn, infancy and congenital skin disorders

55 Rashes – infections and infestations

56 Rshes – common inflammatory disorders

57 Allergy

Emergency paediatrics

58 Assessing the acutely ill child

59 The collapsed child

60 The unconscious child

61 The fitting child

62 Accidents and burns

63 Poisoning

Child health in the community

64 Living with a chronic illness

65 Living with a disability

66 Learning disability and autism

67 Visual and hearing impairment

68 Neglect and abuse

69 Adolescent issues

70 Sudden Infant Death

71 Ethics, Research and Consent

72 Palliative / end of life care

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Paediatrics at a Glance companion sitefeatures interactive cases and useful weblinks.
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