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Project Management, 10th Edition

Project Management, 10th Edition (EHEP003707) cover image


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Projects continue to grow larger, increasingly strategic, and more complex, with greater collaboration, instant feedback, specialization, and an ever-expanding list of stakeholders. Now more than ever, effective project management is critical for the success of any deliverable, and the demand for qualified Project Managers has leapt into nearly all sectors. Project Management provides a robust grounding in essentials of the field using a managerial approach to both fundamental concepts and real-world practice.

Designed for business students, this text follows the project life cycle from beginning to end to demonstrate what successful project management looks like on the ground. Expert discussion details specific techniques and applications, while guiding students through the diverse skill set required to select, initiate, execute, and evaluate today's projects. Insightful coverage of change management provides clear guidance on handling the organizational, interpersonal, economic, and technical glitches that can derail any project, while in-depth cases and real-world examples illustrate essential concepts in action.

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Table of Contents


1 Projects in Contemporary Organizations 1


2 Strategic Management and Project Selection 28

3 The Project Manager 77

4 Managing Conflict and the Art of Negotiation 118

5 The Project in the Organizational Structure 145


6 Activity Planning: Traditional and Agile 187

7 Budgeting and Risk Management 233

8 Scheduling 291

9 Resource Allocation 348


10 Monitoring and Information Systems 389

11 Project Control 421

12 Project Auditing 459

13 Project Closure and Benefits

Realization 488



APPENDIX A Probability and Statistics (online)

APPENDIX B Answers to Even-Numbered Problems (online)

APPENDIX C Technological Forecasting (online)

APPENDIX D Creativity and Idea Generation (online)

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New To This Edition

New to this Edition:

  • A substantially revised chapter on Strategic Project Management covers governance, stakeholders, project phases, and other concepts applied to megaprojects
  • Expanded coverage of Agile project management practices, including illustrative examples
  • Expanded coverage of project closing includes discussion of Benefit Realization
  • Updated Excel spreadsheet examples with Excel functions in place of algebraic calculations
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The Wiley Advantage

Wiley Advantage:
  • Adopts a strategic managerial approach to project management, with insightful guidance throughout the project's life cycle
  • Organized to align with the stages of the project life cycle for logical progression and easy reference
  • Details PMBOK concepts throughout to provide clear linkage between standards and everyday
  • Includes access to Oracle's Crystal Ball® trial edition
  • Companion website features quizzes, PowerPoint slides, and other helpful student resources
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