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Midwifery, 1st Edition brings together knowledge from a collection of Australian and New Zealand clinical experts and experienced academics to support your learning and prepare you for the challenges faced in contemporary midwifery healthcare. It presents you with the ‘must-have’ information that you need concerning both the theoretical and practical aspects of what it means to be a midwife. With extensive full colour illustrations throughout, as well as activities, bespoke ANZ videos and interactive branched-chain scenarios, this user-friendly textbook will support you throughout your entire education programme. There is also a companion virtual reality app for iPhone and Android which is a one-of-a-kind experience into the virtual world of delivering babies and caring for mothers. Midwifery is essential reading for all pre-registration student midwives, as well as newly qualified midwives. 

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1. To be a midwife

Chapter 2. Working in partnership

Chapter 3. Sociology applied to maternity care

Chapter 4. Psychology applied to maternity care

Chapter 5. Preparation for parenthood

Chapter 6. Antenatal midwifery care

Chapter 7. Intrapartum midwifery care

Chapter 8. Postnatal midwifery care

Chapter 9. Midwifery care of the newborn

Chapter 10. Infant feeding

Chapter 11. Public health and health promotion

Chapter 12. Contraception and family planning

Chapter 13. Perinatal mental health

Chapter 14. Complementary and alternative therapies applied to maternity care

Chapter 15. Pharmacology and medication management

Chapter 16. Emergencies in midwifery

Chapter 17. Bereavement and loss

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The Wiley Advantage

  • Accessible Content: This first edition comprises insightful and engaging content delivered in concise, digestible chunks to support students’’ engagement and retention.
  • Visibility of Progress: When purchased by the institution for all students, WileyPLUS Learning Space provides sophisticated insight into students’ participation, engagement and proficiency in the course through real-time, actionable reports.
  • Trusted Authorship: Know you’re getting the best content from a team of leading Midwifery experts from throughout Australia.
  • Virtual Reality: A 3D Virtual Reality companion application available for iPhone and Android phone users will offer simulated, “real life” situations to viewers.
  • Gamification: Interactive 2D capstone activities at the end of each chapter ask students what they would do in content-related branched-chain scenarios.
  • Interactive Online Textbook: The WileyPLUS Learning Space interactive textbook is full of rich media and activities to facilitate engaged learning.
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Midwifery, 1st Edition
ISBN : 978-0-7303-4460-5
504 pages
October 2017, ©2018
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