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Energy Science & Engineering

Vol 5 (6 Issues in 2017)
Editor-in-Chief: Tomas Kåberger
Online ISSN: 2050-0505
Published on behalf of Society of Chemical Industry
Energy Science & Engineering (ESE3) cover image


Energy Science & Engineering is a peer reviewed, open access journal dedicated to fundamental and applied research on energy and supply and use. Published as a co-operative venture of Wiley and SCI (Society of Chemical Industry), the journal offers authors a fast route to publication and the ability to share their research with the widest possible audience of scientists, professionals and other interested people across the globe. Securing an affordable and low carbon energy supply is a critical challenge of the 21st century and the solutions will require collaboration between scientists and engineers worldwide. This new journal aims to facilitate collaboration and spark innovation in energy research and development. Due to the importance of this topic to society and economic development the journal will give priority to quality research papers that are accessible to a broad readership and discuss sustainable, state-of-the art approaches to shaping the future of energy. This multidisciplinary journal will appeal to all researchers and professionals working in any area of energy in academia, industry or government, including scientists, engineers, consultants, policy-makers, government officials, economists and corporate organisations.

Topics include, but are not limited to the following areas:

General Energy
Environmental impact of production of electricity, heat and fuels
Energy efficiency: built environment, industry and transport
Energy systems
Economics Policy, legislation and planning
Life cycle analysis
Energy Policy

Fossil Fuels
Coal Natural gas and petroleum
Carbon capture and storage/sequestration (CCS)
Reduction of other pollutants (NOx, SOx etc)

Energy Storage
Thermal energy storage
Chemical energy storage

Nuclear Energy
New fuel sources
Nuclear reprocessing & breeder reactors
Subcritical reactors
Waste reduction/management

Renewable Energy
Bioenergy, biofuels and co-production with other products
Solar energy and photovoltaics
Hydrogen, batteries & fuel cells
Wind energy
Marine energy & hydropower
Geothermal energy
Other renewables

Power Engineering
Electric power systems
Electric power electronics
Cogeneration: combined heat and power
Distributed power generation
Power distribution and grid modernisation
Power management and modelling

Energy Science & Engineering publishes papers submitted directly to the journal and those referred from a select group of prestigious journals published by Wiley-Blackwell. List available here. Energy Science & Engineering is a Wiley Open Access journal, one of a new series of peer reviewed titles publishing quality research with speed and efficiency. For further information visit the Wiley Open Access website.

Open Access and Copyright
All articles published by Energy Science & Engineering are fully open access: immediately freely available to read, download and share. All Energy Science & Engineering articles are published under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License which permits use, distribution and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. Copyright on any research article in a journal published by Energy Science & Engineering is retained by the author(s). Authors grant Wiley a license to publish the article and identify itself as the original publisher. Authors also grant any third party the right to use the article freely as long as its integrity is maintained and its original authors, citation details and publisher are identified. Further information about open access license and copyright can be found here.

Referred papers
In addition to papers submitted directly to the journal, Energy Science & Engineering will also consider papers referred from other SCI and Wiley journals that are participating in the Manuscript Transfer Program. As part of our commitment to speed of publication, and in order to reduce strain on the peer review system, we have set-up a mechanism to allow a select group of prestigious partner journals to refer high-quality manuscripts to Energy Science & Engineering, along with any existing peer review reports, when these journals are not themselves able to accommodate the manuscripts (for example, on grounds of scope or space). For such manuscripts that have existing peer review reports, our editorial team is able to decide whether or not a manuscript is suitable for publication particularly quickly.

Energy Science & Engineering editors will make prompt accept, reject, or request revisions decisions, based on the original peer reviews. The Energy Science & Engineering editors may seek additional reviews and authors will be advised in those cases.

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