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Earth Surface Processes and Landforms

Vol 42 (15 Issues in 2017)
Edited by: Professor S. N. Lane
Print ISSN: 0197-9337 Online ISSN: 1096-9837
Published on behalf of British Society for Geomorphology
Impact Factor: 3.697
Earth Surface Processes and Landforms (ESP) cover image


The Journal of the British Society for Geomorphology (BSG) , formerly the British Geomorphological Research Group (BGRG), is a professional organisation that promotes the field of geomorphology, encouraging interests in: earth surface process, and the erosion, deposition and formation of landforms and sediments. Foci include the physical geography of our river, valley, glacier, mountain, hill, slope, coast, desert and estuary environments; alongside responses to Holocene, Pleistocene or Quaternary environmental change. The BSG webpages outline the societies activities, and includes details of: forthcoming meetings, conferences and field excursions; publications (the Geophemera newsletter and this journal); research funding; educational resources for schools; and membership details.

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