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Print ISSN: 1472-4677 Online ISSN: 1472-4669
Impact Factor: 3.042
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The field of geobiology explores the relationship between life and the Earth's physical and chemical environment. Geobiology, launched in 2003, aims to provide a natural home for geobiological research, allowing the cross-fertilization of critical ideas, and promoting cooperation and advancement in this emerging field. We also aim to provide you with a forum for the rapid publication of your results in an international journal of high standing. We are particularly interested in papers crossing disciplines and containing both geological and biological elements.

Geobiology invites submission of high-quality articles in the following areas:

Origins and evolution of life
Evolution of the atmosphere, hydrosphere and biosphere
The sedimentary rock record and geobiology of critical intervals
Paleobiology and evolutionary ecology
Environmental microbiology
Biogeochemistry and global elemental cycles
Microbe-mineral interactions
Molecular ecology and phylogenetics

Geobiology offers as standard practice double-blind reviewing, in which both authors and reviewers are anonymous to each other. This feature, while new to this area of science, is usual in other rapidly progressing and highly competitive disciplines. We supply this service to ensure the highest quality publication procedures, whereby all submitted manuscripts receive equal treatment and all criticism is truly free and fair.

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