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Hastings Center Report

Vol 44 (6 Issues in 2014)
Print ISSN: 0093-0334 Online ISSN: 1552-146X
Published on behalf of The Hastings Center
Impact Factor: 1.375
Hastings Center Report (HAST) cover image

The Hastings Center Report explores the ethical, legal, and social issues in medicine, health care, public health, and the life sciences. Six issues are published each year, containing an assortment of essays, columns on legal and policy developments, case studies of issues in clinical care and institutional administration, caregivers’ stories, peer-reviewed scholarly articles, and book reviews. Authors come from an assortment of professions and academic disciplines and express a range of perspectives and political opinions. The Report’s readership includes physicians, nurses, scholars, administrators, social workers, health lawyers, and others.

Editorial Staff
Gregory E. Kaebnick, editor
Joyce A. Griffin, managing editor
Nora Porter, art director

Editorial Committee
Nancy Berlinger, research scholar
Mary Crowley, director of public affairs and communications
Susan Gilbert, public affairs editor
Josephine Johnston, research scholar
Thomas H. Murray, research scholar and president
Erik Parens, research scholar

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