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Island Arc

Edited by: Makoto Ito and Susumu Umino
Print ISSN: 1038-4871 Online ISSN: 1440-1738
Impact Factor: 1.055
Island Arc (IAR) cover image

5 year Impact Factor: 1.396*

*The Five Year Impact Factor is the average number of citation in 2009, to the articles published in Island Arc's articles in the past five years. Articles in Solid Earth Science tend to be cited for longer time span, the Editorial Board of Island Arc recommends 5 year Impact Factor to underpin research trend.

Island Arc focus on the structure, dynamics and evolution of plate convergence zones including trenches, island and continental arcs, back-arc basins and collision zones in modern and ancient settings. The Journal also deals with topics that may not be specific to plate convergence zones but are fundamental to understanding them. Papers which discuss the interaction between solid earth, atmosphere, and water bodies are also welcome. Articles of immediate importance to other researchers, either by virtue of their new data, results or ideas are given priority publication.

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