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International Journal of Urban and Regional Research

Vol 40 (6 Issues in 2016)
Edited by: Matthew Gandy, Maria Kaika, Ananya Roy & Fulong Wu
Print ISSN: 0309-1317 Online ISSN: 1468-2427
Impact Factor: 1.868
International Journal of Urban and Regional Research (IJUR) cover image


A groundbreaking forum for intellectual debate, IJURR is at the forefront of urban and regional research. With a cutting edge approach to linking theoretical development and empirical research, and a consistent demand for quality, IJURR encompasses key material from an unparalleled range of critical, comparative and geographic perspectives. Embracing a multidisciplinary approach to the field, IJURR is essential reading for social scientists with a concern for the complex, changing roles and futures of cities and regions.

Debates and Developments
The Debates and Developments section of IJURR presents shorter, sometimes contentious papers on recent developments in the field --- policy, practice and theory --- and occasional coverage of truly groundbreaking convocations, mobilizations and reports. This section aims to create a space for provocation, critical reflection, heuristic propositions and initial reports on the use of new methodologies. It also features debates centered on articles published in this journal that have prompted controversy, conceptual breakthroughs and strong opinion among IJURR's readership.

Urban Worlds
Next to the main article section, the Debates and Developments section and the Book Review section, we now feature regular contributions of Urban Worlds. This section welcomes groundbreaking and well focused theoretical articles. Urban Worlds articles are normally expected to make an innovative contribution to urban and regional scholarship in one of the following ways: a) by offering a critical intervention that pushes forward the debate within a specific field of urban or regional studies; b) by critically engaging with a debate that takes place within a specific region of the world, often in a language other than English; or c) by breaking outside the confines of a specific field and establishing a dialogue between different disciplines, thus making connections to larger intellectual debates. Regardless of their specific focus, Urban Worlds articles are expected to provide a theoretically substantiated, innovative and critical analysis. Although Urban Worlds articles do not have to include an ‘empirical’ component, they should not be simply ‘review’ articles either. Length 6–10,000 words.

An IJURR symposium is expected to present a coherent and well-grounded (both empirically and conceptually) collection of articles. With the aim of bringing fresh perspectives and insights to urban and regional debates, symposia comprise a minimum of three and a maximum of six articles, allowing for an in-depth and comparative exploration of an important urban theme or concept. A symposium proposal must be submitted in the first instance for consideration by the editors. Symposium proposals will be considered only if they adhere to the symposium proposal guidelines, available here.

Book Reviews
review section provides an informed, critical overview of the most important new publications and relevant, less obvious books that should not be overlooked. Spanning a wide subject and geographic area, this section is a reliable and valuable resource for researchers.

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