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Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Vol 7 (4 Issues in 2014)
Edited by: Kevin R. Murphy
Print ISSN: 1754-9426 Online ISSN: 1754-9434
Impact Factor: 0.514
Industrial and Organizational Psychology (IOPS) cover image

Industrial and Organizational Psychology focuses on interactive exchanges on topics of importance to science and practice in our field. The journal will take a focal article – peer commentary – response format. A focal article is a position paper on an important issue for the field (or potentially a pair of papers taking opposite sides in a debate). Such a focal article might summarize evidence on an issue and take a position as to implications for science, for practice, or for public policy. The paper might focus on a basic science issue, an applied science issue, a practice issue, or a public policy issue; many would be a blend. For example, a focal paper “On the Temporal Stability of Personality” might treat the basic research base on this issue, applied research issues in terms of implications for validation of personality measures for selection purposes, and practice issues in terms of implications for firms’ retesting and score retention policies.

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