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The Journal of Clinical Hypertension

Edited by: Michael A. Weber, MD
Print ISSN: 1524-6175 Online ISSN: 1751-7176
Impact Factor: 2.851
The Journal of Clinical Hypertension (JCH) cover image


The Journal of Clinical Hypertension is a peer-reviewed, monthly publication that serves internists, cardiologists, nephrologists, endocrinologists, hypertension specialists, primary care practitioners, pharmacists and all professionals interested in hypertension by providing objective, up-to-date information and practical recommendations on the full range of clinical aspects of hypertension. Commentaries and columns by experts in the field provide further insights into our original research articles as well as on major articles published elsewhere. Major guidelines for the management of hypertension are also an important feature of the Journal. Through its partnership with the World Hypertension League, JCH will include a new focus on hypertension and public health, including major policy issues, that features research and reviews related to disease characteristics and management at the population level.

For questions and information on submissions, contact: Brittany White (brittany@jjeditorial.com).

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