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Journal of Food Quality

Edited by: Terri D. Boylston, Ph.D.
Print ISSN: 0146-9428 Online ISSN: 1745-4557
Impact Factor: 0.768
Journal of Food Quality (JFQ) cover image

This is the only fully peer-reviewed scientific journal explicitly devoted to issues of food quality. With food quality being of paramount concern to consumers, quality control personnel within food-producing companies need up-to-date and high-quality information to keep abreast of key issues in the area. This important, international journal provides such cutting-edge information, much of it of potential commercial importance.

Readers will discover articles on the handling of food from a quality and sensory perspective. Every issue is teeming with research papers, and “research notes,” a section which provides readers with a new perspective or application on existing methodology.

The journal also covers:

  • Methodology for monitoring food quality

  • Methodology for monitoring nutritional quality

  • Shelf life testing and validation of rapid shelf life studies

  • Environmental factors affecting food quality

  • Impact of present and proposed regulations on the quality of the food supply

  • Statistical interpretation of quality control data

  • Original techniques for measuring various quality attributes

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