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Journal of Geophysical Research: Space Physics

Vol 122 (12 Issues in 2017)
Print ISSN: 2169-9380 Online ISSN: 2169-9402
Published on behalf of American Geohysical Union
Impact Factor: 2.733
Journal of Geophysical Research: Space Physics (JGR3) cover image


JGR: Space Physics is dedicated to the publication of new and original research in the broad field of space science. This embraces aeronomy, magnetospheric physics, planetary atmospheres, ionospheres and magnetospheres, solar and interplanetary physics, cosmic rays, and heliospheric physics. Science that links interactions between space science and other components of the Sun-Earth system are encouraged, as are multidisciplinary and system-level science papers.

JGR: Space Physics welcomes theoretical, numerical, or observational manuscripts as well as submissions on new instrumentation, numerical models, or analysis methods, as long as such papers include an illustrative example demonstrating direct and timely relevance to space research. Authors are strongly encouraged to make very clear in their manuscript the new science or technology contribution to the field.

JGR: Space Physics also encourages the members of the space science research community to submit proposals for topical reviews, commentaries, and special collections to the Editors.

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