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Journal of Neurochemistry

Vol 140 (24 Issues in 2017)
Edited by: Jörg Schulz
Online ISSN: 1471-4159
Impact Factor: 4.083
Journal of Neurochemistry (JNC2) cover image


Journal of Neurochemistry focuses on molecular, cellular and biochemical aspects of the nervous system, the pathogenesis of neurological disorders and the development of disease specific biomarkers. It is devoted to the prompt publication of original findings of the highest scientific priority and value that provide novel mechanistic insights, represent a clear advance over previous studies and have the potential to generate exciting future research. See: http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/jneurochem.

Journal of Neurochemistry publishes full-length presentations of significant original findings, and also narrative and systematic reviews, submitted by investigators at renowned medical and research institutions throughout the world. Articles are published in the following categories:

Gene Regulation & Genetics
Brain Development & Cell Differentiation
Signal Transduction & Synaptic Transmission
Bioenergetics & Metabolism
Neuroinflammation & Neuroimmunology
Neuronal Plasticity & Behavior
Molecular Basis of Disease
Clinical Studies, Biomarkers & Imaging

Journal of Neurochemistry encourages the use of ORCID, a non-profit, community-based effort to uniquely identify authors and link articles and other research activities to specific individuals. Authors have the opportunity to add their ORCID identifier to their user profiles on https://manuscriptcentral.com/jneurochem or upon submission of an article. Once you provide your ORCID identifier, it will be tied to your profile and automatically available for future submissions. Further information can be found on http://orcid.org/

Why publish in Journal of Neurochemistry?

Quality Peer Review

Qualified reviewers and constructive comments are the keys to a great review. At the Journal of Neurochemistry, our reviewers are among the top researchers in their fields, and we pride ourselves on providing detailed and workable comments and criticism. We cut down on revision times by giving precise feedback at the start, so that you and your colleagues know exactly how to edit your work for publication. Our goal is to work with you to make each paper a solid and valuable contribution to the field.

Fast Decision and Publication Times

Faster decision and publication times mean that your research has an impact quickly—it is read and cited sooner! Journal of Neurochemistry achieves an average 27 days to first decision and papers are posted online within 2 days of acceptance.

Expanded Access for Your Article

Journal of Neurochemistry offers an Open Access option and is compliant with public access policies from NIH, RCUK and other funders. We offer APC discounts for members of the Society for Neurochemistry. All review articles are free from online publication and Non Open Access content is opened up 12 months after publication. The Journal of Neurochemistry supports access to researchers in developing countries through the Research 4 Life initiative. All articles are enhanced HTML, which includes figure and reference viewers, and links to supporting information. PDF versions include reference links to supporting information in an online-friendly format. PDFs are enhanced with ReadCube, which makes all text searchable and annotatable and provides simple click-through to author and reference information.

Simplified and Easy Submission Process

We make it easy for you to submit papers through our streamlined online process. Once your paper is submitted, you can keep track of its process through our detailed production tracking service on Author Services. Our Author Centre helps you access the editing and translation service and promotional tools to help you maximize the outreach of your article. We also provide access to relevant information about your published article including article level metrics.

For author guidelines, click here.

Full archive online
Every issue of Journal of Neurochemistry is available online from volume 1, issue 1 (May 1956). This archive is available free to all International Society for Neurochemistry (ISN) members. Institutions can purchase these backfiles (1956-1996 issues) for a one-off fee for archival rights and access in perpetuity: click here for details. All content from 1997 volumes onwards is made freely available to all users 12 months from publication.

NIH-funded authors and Journal of Neurochemistry
From April 2008, the NIH is mandating grantees to deposit their peer-reviewed author manuscripts in PubMed Central, to be made publicly available within 12 months of publication. The NIH mandate applies to all articles based on research that has been wholly or partially funded by the NIH and that are accepted for publication on or after April 7, 2008.

In order to help authors comply with the NIH mandate, for papers accepted for publication in Journal of Neurochemistry after this date Wiley-Blackwell will post the accepted manuscript (incorporating all amendments made during peer review, but prior to the publisher’s copy-editing and typesetting) of articles by NIH grant-holders to PubMed Central at the point of acceptance by the journal. This version will then be made publicly available in PubMed Central 12 months after publication. Following the deposit Wiley-Blackwell authors will receive further communications from the NIH with respect to the submission. For further information, see here.

If authors wish to make their final published article openly accessible and without a 12 month embargo, they can choose to publish via the Online Open service.

Wellcome and HHMI grantees can find out further information here.

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