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Journal of Social Philosophy

Vol 48 (4 Issues in 2017)
Edited by: Carol C. Gould
Print ISSN: 0047-2786 Online ISSN: 1467-9833
Impact Factor: 0.214
Journal of Social Philosophy (JOSP) cover image


The Journal of Social Philosophy seeks to publish creative approaches to practical and normative issues of contemporary social life, such as those arising from economic and other forms of globalization, violent political conflict, and the multiplicity of cultural experiences worldwide. It places new emphasis on understanding the social contexts for political, legal, moral, and cultural questions, and gives priority to the development of novel theoretical frameworks, from social ontology to care ethics to cosmopolitan theories of democracy, human rights, and global justice. The Journal's editorial process proceeds online, with blind review of articles not only by referees but also by the editor, and aims to deliver timely responses for submissions. The Journal also on occasion publishes special issues focusing on topics of vital practical concern, in the conviction that these can be better understood with the aid of disciplined and innovative philosophical analysis.

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