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Journal of Pineal Research

Edited by: Russel J. Reiter
Print ISSN: 0742-3098 Online ISSN: 1600-079X
Impact Factor: 7.812
Journal of Pineal Research (JPI) cover image

Journal of Pineal Research is a forum for the original scientific results of basic, applied, and clinical research involving any aspect of the pineal gland or its hormonal products in all vertebrate species. Essential criteria for publication are soundness, novelty, and timeliness, as well as clarity of presentation. Experimental data that are contrary to currently accepted thinking or divergent from actual dogma will be considered, provided the findings are based on solid, new experimental observations. All submitted papers must be complete in themselves. Case reports will be considered if the findings contribute significantly to an understanding of some aspect of the pineal gland. It is the expressed aim of the journal to serve pineal researchers in all disciplines.

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