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Literature Compass

Vol 12 (12 Issues in 2015)
Edited by: David Amigoni
Online ISSN: 1741-4113
Literature Compass (LIC3) cover image


Unique in both range and approach, Literature Compass publishes peer-reviewed articles on the most important research and current thinking from across the entire discipline.

Literature Compass features a new kind of core content: articles on the state-of-the-field or sub-field foreground important trends while viewpoint articles challenge the received wisdom. Generating a strong sense of dialogue and engagement, of research with a public face, Literature Compass gives desktop access to the driving ideas, current issues and controversies that enliven the discipline and fuel literary research. It provides a critical platform for the scholar and an ideal entry point for the non-specialist.

Literature Compass provides expert coverage of every literary period within nine sections, each edited by distinguished specialists. American | Medieval | Renaissance | Shakespeare | Seventeenth Century | Romanticism | Eighteenth Century | The Victorians | Twentieth Century

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