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Mind, Brain, and Education

Vol 11 (4 Issues in 2017)
Edited by: Editor-in-Chief: Pat Levitt
Print ISSN: 1751-2271 Online ISSN: 1751-228X
Impact Factor: 1.271
Mind, Brain, and Education (MBE) cover image


Mind, Brain, and Education (MBE)provides a forum for the scholarly communication of basic and applied research on learning and development, including analyses from biology, neuroscience, cognitive science, and education.

The journal is part of the effort of the International Mind, Brain, and Education Society to be a scholarly source for the accurate translation of the science of biology, brain, and behavior into applications that will impact education efforts internationally and across ages and contexts. The journal also has a goal of stimulating collaboration across disciplines and between researchers and practitioners with different perspectives informing each other to advance the science of mind, brain and education. Thus, the journal has a goal of supporting the development of a framework for new ideas to advance research efforts at the intersection of biology, brain, cognition, and education, and the practical innovations these research efforts inform. The broad target audience is researchers who wish to report basic, high quality research as well as practice-based evaluation relevant to education.

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