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Naval Research Logistics (NRL)

Vol 64 (8 Issues in 2017)
Edited by: Awi Federgruen
Print ISSN: 0894-069X Online ISSN: 1520-6750
Impact Factor: 0.753
Naval Research Logistics (NRL) (NAV) cover image


Naval Research Logistics is a premier peer-reviewed journal in operations research, applied statistics, and general quantitative modeling, with special interest in applications covering the full spectrum of logistics problems. Founded in 1954, NRL has a distinguished history of publication of both seminal methodological contributions and innovative applications. While retaining its interest in naval and other military applications, NRL has for decades been a broad-based journal devoted to operations and analysis problems in business, industry and government.

Submissions that are most appropriate for NRL are papers addressing modeling and analysis of problems motivated by real-world applications; major methodological advances in operations research and applied statistics; and expository or survey pieces of lasting value. Areas represented include (but are not limited to) probability, statistics, simulation, optimization, game theory, quality, scheduling, reliability, maintenance, supply chain, decision analysis, and combat models. Special issues devoted to a single topic are published occasionally, and proposals for special issues are welcomed by the Editorial Board.

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