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Plant, Cell & Environment

Vol 40 (12 Issues in 2017)
Edited by: Keith Mott
Print ISSN: 0140-7791 Online ISSN: 1365-3040
Impact Factor: 6.173
Plant, Cell & Environment (PCE) cover image


Publishing only the best work, Plant, Cell & Environment publishes original research, either theoretical or experimental, that provides novel insights into the ways that plants respond to their environment. Thus the journal covers plant biochemistry, molecular biology, biophysics, cell physiology, whole plant physiology, crop physiology and physiological ecology, together with structural, genetic, pathological and meteorological aspects as related to plant function. Work at any scale, from the molecular to the community level, is welcomed.

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Colour reproduction has become a vital part of data presentation in many areas of plant science, but remains costly in spite of new printing technologies. To aid authors in the presentation of colour images, we have decided to allow one colour figure free of charge. The colour must be essential to the presentation of the information, and decisions on this will be taken by the editors. Additional colour figures will be charged at the standard rate. A colour work agreement form, which details cost, must be included with all manuscripts containing colour and can be downloaded here. Rapid Publication By improving schedules and increasing the efficiency of operations, we are now able to publish papers Early View within an average of one month from the date of final acceptance, subject to the prompt return of proof corrections.

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