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Physiological Entomology

Vol 41 (4 Issues in 2016)
Edited by: Robert Weaver, Henry Fadamiro and Shin G. Goto
Print ISSN: 0307-6962 Online ISSN: 1365-3032
Published on behalf of Royal Entomological Society
Impact Factor: 1.416
Physiological Entomology (PHEN) cover image


Physiological Entomology is designed primarily to serve the interests of experimentalists who work on insects and other arthropods. It thus has a bias towards physiological and experimental approaches to understanding behaviour, but it also retains the Royal Entomological Society's interest in the general physiology of arthropods. The broad subject coverage of the Journal includes:

  • experimental analysis of behaviour;

  • behavioural physiology and biochemistry;

  • neurobiology and sensory physiology;

  • general physiology;

  • circadian rhythms and photoperiodism.

  • chemical ecology

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