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Proteins: Structure, Function, and Bioinformatics

Vol 85 (12 Issues in 2017)
Edited by: Bertrand Garcia-Moreno
Print ISSN: 0887-3585 Online ISSN: 1097-0134
Impact Factor: 2.289
Proteins: Structure, Function, and Bioinformatics (PROT) cover image


PROTEINS : Structure, Function, and Bioinformatics publishes original reports of significant experimental and analytic research in all areas of protein research: structure, function, computation, genetics, and design. The journal encourages reports that present new experimental or computational approaches for interpreting and understanding data from biophysical chemistry, structural studies of proteins and macromolecular assemblies, alterations of protein structure and function engineered through techniques of molecular biology and genetics, functional analyses under physiologic conditions, as well as the interactions of proteins with receptors, nucleic acids, or other specific ligands or substrates. Research in protein and peptide biochemistry directed toward synthesizing or characterizing molecules that simulate aspects of the activity of proteins, or that act as inhibitors of protein function, is also within the scope of PROTEINS. In addition to full-length reports, short communications (usually not more than 4 printed pages) and prediction reports are welcome. Reviews are typically by invitation; authors are encouraged to submit proposed topics for consideration.

Proteins is bringing web-based technology to bear to speed and simplify the entire publication process. Proteins now offers online submission and peer review and encourages electronic submission of manuscripts, which expedites the review process. In addition, individual articles are published online as rapidly as possible after acceptance. Please see the Author Instructions for details.

Proteins is pleased to announce that online access to the full-text content of all Structure Notes is freely available to all nonsubscribing users , commencing 2003. Structure Notes, first launched in 1999, are one-to-two-page articles describing a novel protein structure of unknown function and/or those with recurring topology. Structure Notes are published within three months of receipt at the Proteins office by expediting all stages of editorial review and production. Please see the Author Instructions for details.

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