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Policy Studies Journal

Edited by: Chris Weible and Edella Schlager
Print ISSN: 0190-292X Online ISSN: 1541-0072
Published on behalf of Policy Studies Organization
Impact Factor: 2.364
Policy Studies Journal (PSJ) cover image

As the principal outlet for the Public Policy Section of the American Political Science Association and for the Policy Studies Organization (PSO), the Policy Studies Journal (PSJ) is the premier channel for publication of public policy research. PSJ is best characterized as an outlet for theoretically and empirically grounded research on policy process and policy analysis. More specifically, the goal is to publish articles that advance public policy theory, explicitly articulate methods of data collection and analysis, and provide clear descriptions of how their work advances the literature. Although we emphasize empirical analysis, we also wish to encourage submissions from authors whose current work might be more theoretical.

We conscientiously work to simultaneously maximize the quality of the reviews through a rigorous blind peer review process and minimize the length of time for a paper to wend its way through the submission-review-decision process. The goal is to return a decision to authors within two to three months of the initial submission.

Dr. Christopher Weible and Dr. Edella Schlager, Editors

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