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Reviews in Aquaculture

Edited by: Sena De Silva and Albert Tacon
Print ISSN: 1753-5123 Online ISSN: 1753-5131
Impact Factor: 2.111
Reviews in Aquaculture (RAQ) cover image

The primary aim of Reviews in Aquaculture is to provide a forum of reviews on developments in aquaculture techniques, policies and planning. The journal will publish fully peer-reviewed review articles, invited or otherwise, on major aspects pertaining to aquaculture, including:

  • global, regional and/or national production and market trends

  • aquaculture practices and technological developments

  • aquaculture- environment interactions

  • indigenous and alien species in aquaculture

  • the biology and culture of aquaculturally important and emerging species

  • utilization of primary and secondary resources in aquaculture

  • developments in artificial propagation of individual species and / or groups

  • developments in feeds and feeding

  • genetics and aquaculture

  • health management in aquaculture

  • policy developments pertaining to aquaculture

  • aquaculture product quality and traceability

  • socio-economics of aquaculture and impacts

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