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Systematic Entomology

Vol 40 (4 Issues in 2015)
Edited by: Thomas J. Simonsen, Shaun L. Winterton, Christiane Weirauch and Peter S. Cranston (Reviews Editor)
Print ISSN: 0307-6970 Online ISSN: 1365-3113
Published on behalf of Royal Entomological Society
Impact Factor: 2.553
Systematic Entomology (SYEN) cover image

Systematic Entomology encourages the submission of taxonomic papers on insects that contain information of interest to a wider audience, e.g. papers bearing on the theoretical, genetic, agricultural, medical and biodiversity issues. Emphasis is also placed on the selection of comprehensive, revisionary or integrated systematics studies of broader biological or zoogeographical relevance. Papers on non-insect groups are no longer accepted.

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