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Journal of Research in Science Teaching

Vol 52 (10 Issues in 2015)
Edited by: Incoming Editors: Fouad Abd-El-Khalick and Dana L. Zeidler; Current Issues Edited by Angela Calabrese Barton and Joseph Krajcik, Outgoing Editors
Print ISSN: 0022-4308 Online ISSN: 1098-2736
Impact Factor: 3.162
Journal of Research in Science Teaching (TEA) cover image


Journal of Research in Science Teaching, the official journal of NARST: A Worldwide Organization for Improving Science Teaching and Learning Through Research, publishes reports for science education researchers and practitioners on issues of science teaching and learning and science education policy. Scholarly manuscripts within the domain of the Journal of Research in Science Teaching include, but are not limited to, investigations employing qualitative, ethnographic, historical, survey, philosophical, or case study research approaches; position papers; policy perspectives; critical reviews of the literature; research briefs; and comments and criticism.

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