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Vol 17 (4 Issues in 2014)
Print ISSN: 1089-7011 Online ISSN: 1743-4580
Published on behalf of Editor
WorkingUSA (WUSA) cover image

WorkingUSA: The Journal of Labor and Society is a peer-review cross-disciplinary social science quarterly journal intended for a broad exploration of the economic, political, and social dimensions of work and labor throughout the world. The journal publishes articles directed to an open and critical analysis of the global and U.S. labor movements, organizations, and the working class. The journal editors see a strong and robust labor movement as a force that is central to the immediate and long term social, economic, and political interests of the working class. The journal endeavors to promote thoughtful and penetrating analysis of the historical, contemporary, and future prospects of workers that advanced beyond the narrow goals of individuals.

We see workers as a force that labor movements across the world must embrace to advance the struggle for social and economic justice. As such, the journal decidedly encourages submissions from the perspective of working class intellectuals and labor academics rather than those in the human resource field. WorkingUSA, an independent academic journal, exclusively accepts for review original submissions, and does not consider essays previously evaluated or currently under review by other publications.

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