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Zoologica Scripta

Vol 46 (6 Issues in 2017)
Edited by: Per Sundberg
Print ISSN: 0300-3256 Online ISSN: 1463-6409
Published on behalf of Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences
Impact Factor: 2.837
Zoologica Scripta (ZSC) cover image


Zoologica Scripta publishes papers in animal systematics, i.e. studies of biological diversity and its origin and evolution. It focuses on understanding evolutionary relationships among taxa and as well as zoological classification. Papers can also deal with ecological interactions and/or geographic distributions if the results are placed in a phylogenetic/systematics context. Zoologica Scripta encourages papers on the development of methods for all aspects of phylogenetic inference and biological nomenclature/classification.

Articles published in Zoologica Scripta must be original and present either theoretical or empirical phylogenetic studies of systematics, biogeography, palaeontology, development, genes, and morphology of animal taxa. Preference will be given to empirical papers that are of interest to a broad systematics audience. Purely taxonomic papers, like species descriptions without being placed in a wider systematic/phylogenetic context, will not be considered.

Concise Letters to the editor can address controversial topics of interest to systematists, and may be presented either individually or as point/counterpoint discussions between authors with opposing views. Manuscripts may be returned upfront by the editors without review if considered to lack sufficient focus on the field of systematics as defined above, or being viewed as of limited interest to a broad systematics audience. Acceptance of papers for publication depends on merit as judged on the basis of peer reviews.

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