Wiley Custom Select is a revolutionary custom system that allows you, the instructor, to "build" customized materials tailored to your course needs. In a simple 3-step process, you can create a textbook containing the content you want, in the order you want, and delivered in the print or digital format of your choice.

Three Steps to Customize Your Course Materials:

Step 1:

Search &

  • Explore our comprehensive library of Wiley titles, browsing individual chapters.
  • Select exactly the content you need with á la carte chapter choice.
  • Combine and arrange chapters in exactly the sequence you'd like to teach them.

Step 2:

Customize &

  • Upload your own content to further customize your text.
  • Pick a cover style from a variety of attractive options.
  • Personalize your textbook with your course title, name, and institution.
  • Choose from multiple output formats—full-color or black & white print text with a varity of binding options, or even an e-textbook.

Step 3:

Preview &

  • Preview and proof your complete textbook online.
  • View cost savings with instant pricing.
  • Submit your book and we'll take care of the rest. Your Custom Account Manager will follow up with your delivery date.