Diploma Lab Manual

Below is a link to download a set of labs for the book. The labs use an application called Diploma Exam. A self-installing version of the software is included in the download. Further information on the Diploma Exam application can be found at http://www.brownstone.net/products/dip6.asp.

Each chapter has a corresponding lab which can be used to develop concepts discussed in the text. The testbank can be downloaded in Diploma format for editing and then printed directly or exported to Word. Estimated download times for this file are included below.

This set of labs is also available powered by eGrade, an online problem-solving, quizzing and testing tool. For more information about eGrade, and to see a demo of the testbank, go to http://www.wiley.com/college/egrade or click on the eGrade logo on this website. Once at the demo site, click on the "Java Programming" link."

Estimated download time for 11.0 MG file based on modem speed:
28.8K: 53 minutes
56K: 27 minutes
128K ISDN: 11 minutes
640K-DSL: 3 minutes
T1/DS1, 1.5-DSL: 2 minutes
Download Instructions