A global upheaval is changing business with unsettling speed. No part of business is immune to the new rules and new breed of fast companies . . . welcome to the revolution. FAST COMPANY magazine chronicles these changes and highlights how smart business really works. Each month, Fast Company features cutting-edge best practices and innovative ideas shaping the new "better, faster, smarter" world of work.

This website contains ten current articles from Fast Company about the changing landscape of leadership, work and careers. These thought-provoking articles are sure to challenge, stimulate, and inspire your students.

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In addition, The FAST COMPANY Handbook, sponsored by John Wiley & Sons, Inc., provides six more insightful articles reprised from past issues of the magazine.

To help you use this Handbook in your course, the following pages also include:

  • A correlation guide to using the handbook articles with Organizational Behavior, Seventh Edition
  • A brief summary of each article
  • Discussion questions for each article
The Handbook of the Business Revolution can be packaged with Organizational Behavior, Seventh Edition for a nominal fee by using this special set ISBN: 0-471-35949-1. Ask your local Wiley representative about receiving a FREE six month gift subscription to FAST COMPANY magazine. If you would like to know more about FAST COMPANY and their innovative Education Program, please call them at (800) 736-9851. Or click on: www.fastcompany.com/professor