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New To These Editions

  • Clarity of Applications: Based on the advice of first-edition users and others, the authors have reorganized some topics to make key ideas stand out more clearly, and have added applications that will motivate students by catching their interest and will help to build their skills in modeling with differential equations.
  • User Friendliness: The 2nd edition is designed to be more student-friendly by adjusting the level and strengthening the emphasis on applications, modeling and the use of computers.
  • Additional Projects, Problems, and Exercises: New exercises, projects, and problems invite the student to make conjectures or reach conclusions about complex situations based on computer-generated data and graphs, rather than closed-form solutions. Students learn the utility of computers for gaining insight into physical, biological, and other phenomena where theoretical analysis might not be practical.
  • Stressed Topics: The important link between linear second-order equations and linear systems of dimension two is strengthened in the second edition.
  • Real-World Applications: New introduction to two-dimensional systems of first-order differential equations in Chapter 3. The author demonstrates the usefulness of eigen values in the context of a timely application involving solar energy transfer and storage in a greenhouse.
  • Reorganization: Sections 4.2 through 4.4 reorganized into two sections. The sections are streamlined and simplified, with optional advanced material moved to exercise sets.