Matter and Interactions, 4th Edition


WebAssign® is a flexible and fully customizable online instructional system widely used by educators to deploy assignments, instantly assess individual student and whole class performance, and enrich the teaching and learning experience.

The WebAssign Advantage for Matter and Interactions, 4th Edition

  • All end-of-chapter problems are available in WebAssign, enabling the instructor to provide students with assignments and tests that support the focus of the textbook.
  • Questions in WebAssign have been designed by the textbook authors to take advantage of the unique capabilities of WebAssign.
  • Every problem includes a link to the appropriate section of a complete eBook.
  • Many problems include solutions, available to students at the instructor’s discretion.
  • Additional resources available with WebAssign include:
    • Course lecture notes and lecture videos
    • Test bank
    • Clicker questions
    • Sample VPython programs
    • Lab materials
    • Course pack

Authors’ Comments

“We have relied on WebAssign for more than a decade to give our students immediate feedback as they learn to solve complex problems, as well as practice basic skills. We have coded many problems ourselves, and appreciate how easy it is for instructors to create their own WebAssign questions. WebAssign’s seamless interface lets us respond quickly to students’ questions about homework, and offers students economical access to the electronic version of our textbook.”

—Ruth Chabay and Bruce Sherwood, authors of Matter and Interactions