Through speaking with faculty like you, Wiley continues to develop creative solutions and deepen its commitment to enriching the college Spanish experience. Both Dicho y hecho and the En vivo edition provide a straightforward, user-friendly approach to beginning Spanish.

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Dicho y hecho

Provides students with abundant input, using new forms and structures, before moving them through guided practice to output. This empirically proven language teaching methodology, based on over 30 years of research, informs activity sequences throughout the program. Available in full version or brief version.

Dicho y hecho clearly introduces new vocabulary and grammar and offers an amazing variety of activities to practice them. the reading comprehension and process-oriented writing compositions take all of the "guesswork" out of preparing to do these activities in class or to assign them for homework.

NEW Dicho y hecho: En vivo Edition!

Building on Dicho y hecho's straight-forward, user-friendly approach to beginning Spanish, the En vivo edition proudly offers students an opportunity to work outside of class with a personal, native-speaker language coach in a real-time, online learning environment.

This is one of the first times I can see an online platform that answers the natural deficiencies of on line learning. I think you have a fantastic product that has its place in the market. I hope you find the way to market it. I feel is a perfect solution to a great need.