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Get insight into how your students are performing on any topic—at any given time.

As class sizes grow—and more and more students arrive at different starting points and learn at different paces—the challenge to create an optimal learning experience increases. So how can you make sure you are reaching each student?

WileyPLUS with ORION tracks aggregate and individual student proficiency at the objective or chapter level. With these easy-to-use analytics, you can see exactly where your students excel as well as where they need reinforcement so that you can tailor instruction accordingly.

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  • Dashboard

    Provides summary information on student/class usage and overall class proficiency on chapters

  • Metacognitive

    Shows student confidence in the material vs. their proficiency

  • Most Challenging

    Identifies which Learning Objectives or Chapters need reinforcement

I’m confident that those students who take the time to utilize these additional course tools will perform better in the class than their peers who do not.

—Regina Chopp, Instructor, University of Southern California


Based on cognitive science, WileyPLUS with ORION is a personalized, adaptive learning experience that helps students build proficiency on topics while using their study time most effectively.


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