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In the delicate balance of a coral reef, all species rely on the reef for survival. In much the same way, Operations Management is far reaching, affecting every aspect of the organization. Workers in all functional areas interact with Operations Management and rely on OM to do their jobs.

Taking an integrative, cross-functional approach, the Second Edition of Operations Management demonstrates the critical impact OM has in today’s organizations, and shows how it relates to every functional area. Authors R. Dan Reid and Nada R. Sanders provide clear, focused, and highly engaging coverage of key OM topics, and make strong connections across concepts.

The right balance of quantitative and qualitative topics.

The text provides a balance between the quantitative and qualitative treatment of OM topics. The authors slowly and patiently explain quantitative topics. In addition, two new supplements, the Quantitative Survival Guide and eGrade, help students build the strong quantitative skills. Additional supplemental chapters on decision modeling, optimization, queuing analysis, and simulation analysis are available on a CD packaged with the text.


• Instructor’s Resource CD­­Includes Instructor’s Manual, Test Bank, Computerized Test Bank, Solutions Manual, PowerPoint, NBR Video Guide, and Excel Data Sets.
Instructor’s Website­­Includes Instructor’s Manual, Test Bank, Solutions Manual, PowerPoints, NBR Video Guide, and Excel Data Sets.
Student’s Website­­Includes Plant Tours, Virtual Service Company Interactive Consulting Case, Excel Spreadsheets, Web links, extra problem sets and extra mini-cases.
• Student Resource CD­­This CD is packaged with the text and includes: - 4 additional chapters in PDF on decision modeling, optimization, simulation analysis, and queuing analysis using spreadsheets - Extend LT software - 3 Extend simulations - Excel templates for solved problems
• Quantitative Survival Guide­­This print supplement, which can be packaged with the book, provides help with the math in every chapter and more worked-out problems with extensive explanations.
Business Extra Select­­Enables you to package the text with world-class content and resources, from sources such as INSEAD, Ivey and Harvard Business School cases, Fortune, The Economist, The Wall Street Journal, and much, much more.
eGrade Plus
• Instructor’s Manual
• Test Bank
• Computerized Test Bank
• PowerPoint Slides
• Virtual Company Interactive Consulting Case
• OM/MS NBR Videos

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to Operations Management
2. Operations Strategy and Competitiveness
3. Product Design and Process Selection
4. Supply Chain Management
5. Total Quality Management
6. Statistical Quality Control
7. Just-in-time and Lean Systems
8. Forecasting
9. Capacity Planning and Facility Location
10. Facility Layout
11. Work System Design
12. Independent Demand Inventory Management
13. Aggregate Planning
14. Enterprise Resource Planning
15. Scheduling
16. Project Management
A. Decision Making with Spreadsheets (CD)
B. Optimization Using Spreadsheets (CD)
C. Simulation Analysis Using Spreadsheets (CD)
D. Queuing Analysis Using Spreadsheets (CD)
A. Solutions to Selected Problems
B. Standard Normal Distribution
C. P-chart