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Exclusive Content

Exclusive IFRS Content

Wiley Accounting publications feature more quality and current coverage of IFRS topics than any other textbook available.
The Team for Success authors integrate IFRS content within each chapter of their textbooks through features such as:

International Insights, mark the point in each chapter where IFRS-relevant material is being discussed.

*featured in Kieso, Intermediate Accounting and Warfield, Intermediate Accounting

Understanding U.S. GAAP, summary page at the end of each chapter that highlights the differences between U.S. GAAP and IFRS as well as ongoing convergence efforts to resolve these differences.

*featured in Weygandt, Financial Accounting: IFRS Edition

Convergence Corners, Each chapter contains a single-page discussion of the international accounting issues related to the chapter topics. Each Convergence Corner consists of four sections:

  1. An introduction listing the international accounting pronouncements related to the chapter topic
  2. Relevant Facts explaining similarities and differences of U.S. GAAP and international GAAP
  3. About the Numbers provides an example of application of iGAAP using real international companies.
  4. On the Horizon discusses convergence progress and plans related to that topic.

    *featured in Kieso, Intermediate Accounting and Warfield, Intermediate Accounting

Are you Using IFRS Features in Your
Current Wiley Accounting textbook?

  • Kimmel, Financial Accounting and Weygandt, Financial Accounting provide a summary of similarities and differences between IFRS and U.S. GAAP located at the end of each text.
  • Kieso, Intermediate Accounting Appendix 24B offers a strong background in the process of International Accounting Standards setting.
  • Kieso, Intermediate Accounting: IFRS Edition provides a currency exchange rate chart with a map detailing countries who currently have adopted IFRS.
  • Kiseo, Intermediate Accounting and Warfield, Intermediate Accounting both feature Convergence Corners in every chapter - demonstrating how international standards apply to each U.S. GAAP topic.

Weygandt, Financial Accounting includes an International Appendix showing how IFRS impacts every chapter of the book and allows students the opportunity to practice with short problem material.