“77% of students said WileyPLUS had a positive or very positive impact on their grade.

“75% of students say that WileyPLUS is very easy or easy to use.

“75% of students said that WileyPLUS helped them better prepare for exams and quizzes.

“70% of students said that WileyPLUS helped them develop a better understanding of the concepts in the course.

I appreciated being able to see what portions of a problem were correct and incorrect, and having the opportunity to try again on what I got wrong.

I liked the convenience of being able to complete assignments at my own pace and around my schedule.

I like distance learning. Wiley has a multitude of features designed to help master the course material.

Completing homework on WileyPlus is great. I don’t have to spend time in class going over each problem. Also, this forces students to do the homework or lose points and I don't have to grade the homework which is very time consuming.

The students love the immediate feedback when working assigned exercises/problems.

Students using WileyPLUS do real accounting, get real results. WileyPLUS is a student-centered learning and assessment online environment, where students complete automatically graded homework, get feedback on their answers, and access learning materials like the eText, problem solving videos, interactive tutorials and hints at the point of learning. Students come to class prepared because the program is designed to meet the needs of today's accounting classroom with an innovative question design that facilitates effective learning of accounting concepts, skills, and procedures. WileyPLUS is the first to market with questions using Type-Ahead for account entry, eliminating the use of drop down menus, and with Multi-part questions that help students catch mistakes early.

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About WileyPLUS

Two Minute Teacher - WileyPLUS Accounting Enhancements In Your Classroom

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Instructor Benefits:

  • Assign automatically graded practice, quizzes, exams in both static and algorithmic versions, based on the most comprehensive question banks on the market, and spend classroom time on what matters most to you. 99% of all textbook assessment items are available in WileyPLUS!
  • New question design with first-to-market Type-Ahead technology for account entry fosters recall memory, and better prepares students for exams.
  • New Multi-part questions gives students feedback at the part level and help them catch mistakes early.
  • Easily identify those students who are falling behind, with gradebook graphs.
  • Media-rich course materials Problem Solving Videos, Interactive Tutorials, Managerial Accounting Videos, Skills Videos supplement lectures and assist students during homework and practice.
  • Access all you need to prepare for class with Instructor’s Manual, Test Bank, PowerPoint® Slides, Videos, Solutions Manual, Computerized Test Bank, Pre- and Post-Lecture Quizzes, and much more.

Student Benefits:

  • Students receive immediate feedback on practice and homework and proof of progress, 24/7 with WileyPLUS.
  • Question assistance is provided at the point of learning, including links to relevant sections in the online digital textbook, problem-solving videos, and interactive tutorials.
  • The complete digital textbook saves students up to 60% off the cost of a new printed text.
  • Integrated, multimedia resources-including videos, audio chapter reviews, flashcards, practice quizzes, MP3 downloads, interactive tutorials, demonstration problems, and much more-that provide multiple study paths and encourage more active learning.