Continue the Research in Your Classroom…

Dear Professor,

As you may know, SEG conducted a study evaluating the efficacy of learning with students using a Wiley Visualizing program to a comparable group not using a Wiley Visualizing program.

Please consider my invitation for to you to continue the research in your own classroom.

To conduct your own efficacy study of Wiley Visualizing, simply identify the section of students who will “test” or “pilot” the chapter. Then choose the Wiley Visualizing chapter of interest (their Tables of Contents are available online at Contact me and I will help you.

Wiley Visualizing includes remarkable photography, maps, and media and film that have specific funtions in support of students’ thinking and learning. These authentic materials immerse the student in real-life issues, related to the course, so that students better engage, retain and take away an overall, enhanced learning experience. We look forward to learning about your Wiley Visualizing Experience.

Warm regards,
Jeffrey A. Rucker
Associate Director, Marketing

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