Fall 2008 Guest Lecture Series

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Matching Online Assessments to Online Pedagogies: Choices, Challenges, and Concerns
Presenter: Curt Bonk, Indiana University

Online teaching can be quite hectic and, at times, extremely frustrating. The frustration mounts when the time required for student grading and feedback seems never ending. Adding to the pressures, those new to online teaching must deal with many challenges not encountered in face-to-face settings. Assessment seems the last thing on one’s mind when scrambling to design and then deliver a new online course. Part of the dilemma is determining how to fairly and expediently assess student learning when attempting innovative and risky pedagogical techniques. This presentation will offer dozens of pedagogical techniques and discuss online assessment options that one might select for each of them. A series of tips and guidelines will be offered for saving time in online assessment while providing valued task feedback and interactive and engaging courses overall.

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